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The Great Estates in Greenwich: Then and Now

Davidde E. Strackbein, Chair, Board of Trustees, Greenwich Historical Society; Volunteer, Greenwich Historical Society for 32 Years; Project Chair and Researcher, The Great Estates, Greenwich, Connecticut (1880-1930) published 1986

The Great Estates of Greenwich (1880 to 1930) were identified and documented as part of an all-volunteer project initiated by the Junior League of Greenwich in 1981 to preserve the history of the estates before it was lost to time.  As a result of that project, a coffee table book was published to preserve the history in text and photographs, and the original research was donated to the Greenwich Historical Society to be preserved for research purposes in the Historical Society‘s Archives. Now, forty years after the inception of the documentation project, this historical "then and now" snapshot will reveal the consequences of the intervening passage of time. 

1. Conyers Manor; Owner: Edmund C. Converse; Architect: Donn Barber; Construction date: 1904 (Slide 084)

2. Owenoke Farm; Owner: Percy Rockefeller; Architect: Hiss and Weeks; Construction date: 1907-1908 (Slide104)

3. Khakum Wood; Owner and Architect: I.N.Phelps Stokes; Construction date: 1908-1910 (Slide 122)

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