Lectures will Remain at the Bruce Museum

GDAS will be returning the the Bruce Museum in the fall.

Karen Handal, our President, spoke with Suzanne Lio of the Bruce Museum. Because of continued problems with the regulating process and permits as well as other issues, the Bruce Museum is delayed with their plans to expand.

They welcome the Greenwich Decorative Arts Society back to our usual place and time this fall.


Suzanne said that we would be able to use the Bruce as usual on October 2, November 6, December 4 of 2017 and February 5 of 2018. (We are not meeting in January because of a holiday conflict.)  There is always the possibility of more delays at the Bruce.  We will know more by the end of the year.

If these changes are confusing, please understand that this particular roller coaster has been out of our hands, as we have had to respond to the available dates as the Bruce has offered them.

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