The Greenwich Decorative Arts Society ("the Society") was originally founded as the Greenwich Antiques Society in 1985. The purpose of the Society remains the same: to further the appreciation, knowledge and understanding of the fine and decorative arts. 

John Kippax and Mauren Koeppel on our Trip to the Chippendale Exhibition at the Met on May 23rd 2018

Maureen Koppel and John Kipppax.jpg


The Society stands out as a significant contributor to the cultural enrichment of the Tri-State Area. 

At the monthly meetings, world-class scholars, museum curators and authors present lectures and seminars on a wide variety of subjects. Engaging programs on the decorative and fine arts as well as cultural history and architecture are offered, in addition to enjoyable and educational trips.

The logo was adapted from an 18th century sugar caster made by silversmith Peter Van Dyke.